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The M-Series Slipform Paving Machines


Curb, Gutter, Curb and Gutter, and Sidewalk Slipform Paving

A heavy duty modular slipform paving machine that can pour radius as tight as 24″ or sidewalk as wide as 5′. Perfect for your curb, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and other versatile profiles.



Curbs, Gutters, Parapet Walls and 16ft. Wide Straddle Paving

A highly versatile slipform paving machine that can pour multiple profiles from curb and gutter to 16′ paving widths, including barrier wall, parapet and ditches.

M-8800 Slipform Paving Machine


Barrier Walls, Bridge Parapet Walls and Shoulder Paving

The M-8800 is our largest slipform paving machine that can pour up to 102″ barrier wall, bridge parapet walls and pave up to 20′ in straddle or side mount configuration.



We have used Miller Formless exclusively for our curb and gutter, barrier wall, and side mount paving pan needs for over 20 years at Walsh Construction.  Everybody over there at MFS are great people and are more than happy to help you with your needs.  We own quite a few 8800’s and an 8100 and like them for the ease of moving and setting them up, plus they leave a great product.

William “Bill” Thedorf, Jr., Walsh Construction, Chicago

The right tool for the right job. You can’t expect to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. How often we have all learned that lesson. In this trade, the right tools make all the difference in the world which is why we choose to use Miller Formless curb machines. If you want quality work you use quality tools. We have been using exclusively Miller machines ever since we started slip form curbing. We do so for a reason: they’re the best. Over the years, we have purchased ten Miller Formless curb machines, and we have never lost a full day’s work because of equipment failure. The right tool for the right job, that’s why we use the best.

Ruhlman Bros, Inc. ~ Hanover, PA


10% Off Hydraulic Filters

Our Monthly Parts Special for March features 10% off all hydraulic filters and their compatible o-rings.

Be sure to stock up as you prepare machines for the spring construction season.

To order, contact our Parts Department at or 815.385.7700.

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