M-1000 Slipform Paver & Curb Machine

A heavy duty modular concrete slipform paver.

The M-1000 is perfect for your curb, curb and gutter and sidewalk slipform paving projects. It can pour as tight as 24″ or as wide as 5′.

The M-1000 is perfect for your curb, curb and gutter and sidewalk slipform paving projects, pouring as tight as 24″ or as wide as 5′. 

We are constantly developing new technology and upgrading our existing concrete slipform paving equipment to meet and exceed our customers needs.

Our slipform pavers meet the strictest specifications, provide rideability requirements, offer extreme versatility, equipped with electronic sensors and a handheld remote to make the operator’s job easier.

The M-1000 is one of the most productive and dependable concrete slipform paving machines on the market. Get your free estimate today!

Standard Equipment Available with the M-1000 Concrete Paver Machine

  • Tier IV Diesel Engine, Rated at 99 hp (73 kw) at 2400 rpm
  • Latest Generation MFS Control System including Sensors and Handheld Remote. 3D Ready.
  • Four Tracks with Independent Steering
  • Three Vibrators
  • Heavy Duty Sectional Auger
  • 30″ (762 mm) Elevation Tubes
  • High Volume Wash Down System
  • Quick Mule Mount System
  • Right Hand or Left Hand Configuration
  • Can Pour as Tight as 24″ (610 mm) Radius and as Wide as 5′ (1.52 M) Sidewalk
  • Transports at 8’6″ Wide (2.59 M)

Additional Features Available with Our Slipform Paver

  • Umbrella Assembly
  • Auxiliary Grade Sensor Assembly
  • Auxiliary 12 Volt Work LED Lighting Kit
  • Trimmer with Carbide Teeth
  • High Pressure Water Pump
  • Trim and Pour Hydraulics
  • Urethane Track Pads
  • Flat Steel Track Pads
  • Telematics and Real Time Performance Data

Download The M-1000 Slipform Brochure

Every machine and replacement part we build is backed by our expert sales and technical support team.

See Our Slipform Pavers in Action

M-1000 Slipform Paver Product Video 

The Miller Formless M-1000 demonstrates versatility with the ability to pour on either the left or right side. We always strive to continuously make improvements to our products- We have installed  PowerTech™PWL 4.5L industrial engines in the M-1000 along with the addition of a control system to make 3D stringless paving possible

Our Concrete Slipform Paver on the Job 

Stringless technology replaces the traditional stringline with an electronic tracking process that controls the horizontal and vertical operation of the slipform paver. More contractors are adopting stringless technology to reduce labor and time required to stake out job sites with traditional string lines and pins.

Common Applications of Our Concrete Paver Machine

Our M-1000 machine was designed around production and simplicity. The operator has an excellent view of all functions around the machine. From conventional paving to offset paving, and custom applications, this curb paver can do it all.

Curb & Gutter
Hydraulic Side Skirts
Zero Clearance Sidewalk

Combination Scab On / Free Standing
Hydraulic Wet / Dry (Pitch In / Pitch Out)
Variable Height
V-Ditch Driveway Cutout

Check Out These Photos of the M-1000 Concrete Slipform Machine

Custom Concrete Paving Molds Available

Miller Formless has designed slipform paver molds to accommodate over 2,000 different profiles for your curb or curb and gutter paving machine.

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