Great article on For Construction Pros website: How To Select The Best Concrete Cutting Tool For The Job

OCTOBER 16, 2019
by Jenny Lescohier

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of concrete cut-off machines and diamond chainsaws will help you determine which tool is right for your job.

Cut-off machines and diamond chainsaws are the two most common concrete cutting tools, and their uses overlap quite a bit, but they are not interchangeable. By understanding the differences between these two types of equipment, you can make the right choice for your next job.

Cut-off machines — the industry standard

The go-to choice for most concrete cutting jobs, cut-off machines are hand-held saws used to cut concrete, asphalt and metal. They use either a composite resin abrasive wheel or diamond blade to cut in various construction applications. Typically available in 12- or 14-inch sizes, cut-off machines can be powered by a two-stroke gas engine, a hydraulic power unit, an air compressor or an electric motor.