The WB-3200 machine has a work bridge with fully functional texture/cure abilities. Designed for all job sites, large or small.

Compact design allows working height as low as 18” from grade. The adaptive frame design allows for any attachments to be mounted on either side. The tethered electronic control console is mounted the same way as the operator seat, allowing the operator to be on the left or right side with a quick change feature. A quick selection in the control system allows for all controls to be reversed, with no electrical or hydraulic connections needing to be removed.

WB-3200 Standard Equipment

  • 25 hp Caterpillar 1.1 Diesel
  • Forward and Reverse Steering Sensors
  • 4 Elevation Sensors
  •  Danfoss Pressure Compensated Pump
  • Plus +1 Control System
  • Onboard Diagnostics
  • Minimum 12’ Paving Width

WB-3200 Options

  • Front or Rear Walkways
  • Frame Extensions to 32’
  • Burlap Drag System
  • Cure Spray System
  • Longitudinal Tining Rack
  • Transverse Tining Rack
  • Custom Design Options Available

Design Features

  • Main Frame:
    24” high, 48” wide, 48” telescoping frame slide
  • Frame Extensions:
    18” high, 42” wide
  • Rubber Tracks:
    75” long, 11.5” wide, Compact track motor/drive
    Four corner 18” stroke elevation cylinders

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