The M-4020 Slipform Paver, now available for the European construction market with service and support in Europe.

The M-4020 Hydraulic Variable Width paver changes widths under its own power, with only momentary delay.

M-4020 Standard Equipment

  • TIER IV Diesel Engine, rated at 176 hp ( 132kw) at 2200 rpm
  • Hydraulic Telescoping frame, both sides up to 0,9m each side
  • Steering, Elevation sensors and slope sensor on the machine and on the mold.
  • Variable mold from 2 m – 4 m
  • Variable frame 2 m – 4 m
  • Rotation finisher or Pan finsher
  • 2 speed auxiliary overdrive
  • High volume water Wash Out System

M-4020 Transport Data

  • Weight is 25.0 ton
  • Minimum Width is 2,5 m
  • Height is 3,10 m
  • Length is 7,3 m

Slipform Paving Machines in the European Market

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