The M-2530 Slipform Paver, now available for the European construction market with service and support in Europe.

M-2530 Features

  • Transport width is < 2.5 m without disassembly.
  • Numerous different movements for maximum utilization.
  • Right or left hand operation standard.
  • Excellent 360° operator visibility. Center mounted console for easy access to all paving functions.
  • Possibility to work 40 cm under track-surface.
  • Adaptable for 3D Total-Station guiding system.
  • If paving width is set at 2 m, total machine with is 3,10 m; if paving width is set at 1.50 m the total machine width becomes 2,60 m.
  • Special track design provides zero clearance protection from damage for hydraulic motors and hoses.
  • You can pave concrete at a speed of 4,5 m/min.
  • European Support Organization for Parts and Service.

Slipform Paving Machines in the European Market

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