CG-200 Curb Machine

The CG-200 Curb Machine is an economical and productive solution to fill the gap between hand forming and large machine curbing applications.

Located in McHenry, Illinois, we operate out of an 80,000+ square foot manufacturing facility and continue to provide the same quality product and service. We’ve been offering our customers top quality curbing machines worldwide for more than 50 years. Connect with one of our experts to see how we can help you with your next project.

CG-200 Curb and Gutter Machine Features

  • Versatility to pour at GRADE and BELOW GRADE
  • Easily and quickly attach and detach with PATENTED HOPPER SYSTEM
  • No waiting for a subcontractor because YOU OWN THE MACHINE

See the CG-200 in Action

CG-200 Pouring Curb Machine

At Miller Formless we offer top of the line machinery for curbing and paving applications. We manufacture curbing machines that are used around the world.

Curbing Machine Technology with the CG-200

With one of the most versatile curb & gutter machines on the market, the CG-200 has the capability to triple your normal work rate for a variety of jobs.

Concrete Curbing Machine Specifications

  • Curb widths from 24″, 30″ and 36″
    By removing side drive unit – 12″ and 18″ curb widths
  • Hoppers sold separately
  • Molds sold separately

Side drive unit detached – 12” to 18” Curb Width

Download the CG-200 Curb Machine Brochure

Every machine and replacement part we build is backed by our expert sales and technical support team.

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Curbing Machine FAQs

What are some common applications for your curbing machines?

There are many different applications available with curbing machines. Our CG-200 is commonly used to build sidewalks, header curbs, barrier curbs, and much more. Contact us to see how we can help you with your next job.

What are the different types of curbing?

There are a few types of concrete curbs and each type has a slightly different function.

  • Barrier Curbs – often found in parking lots and residential streets, barrier curbs support safe and orderly traffic patterns.
  • Mountable Curbs – sometimes referred to as roll curbs, are a common feature in parking lots. These curbs dip down towards the road which allow drivers to drive over them without damaging tires or wheels

Custom molds for every machine.

Miller Formless has designed slipform paver molds to accommodate over 2,000 different profiles for your curb or curb and gutter paving machine.

Sub-grade Preparation

Miller Formless works closely with Burchland manufacturing on the AGT Auto Grading Soil Trimmer.

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